Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bargain eBooks #10: Monster Mashup by M.J.A. Ware

Monster Mashup by M.J.A. Ware

Genre: Childrens, Horror, Short Stories

Price: $2.99

Where to Get It: (for Kindle)

Monsters, magic, goblins, zombies, and more. Be prepared to sleep with the lights on. This collection of nine short stories will have you looking over your shoulder, avoiding mirrors. and jumping at the slightest sound.

From fiendish creatures hiding in your bathroom mirror, to Halloween pranks gone deadly wrong. Each story will scare, delight, and surprise.

No gore or cursing here, just good ol' spine-chilling fun!

Not recommended for kids under 8.

What they're saying about Monster Mashup:

"Monster Mashup is a collection of very short stories for kids that enjoy scary, supernatural tales. It is slightly like the Goosebumps series by R.L. Stine, only the stories are shorter and less developed. There are nine mini stories, 3 of which have been previously published by this author, and 1 which seems to be a teaser for an upcoming book by this author; they are all well-written stories that are enjoyable and fun to read. Probably best for kids aged 8-12, as there is a definite horror aspect to the tales. All in all, the stories are nicely written short horror stories that will provide much entertainment for kids who enjoy spooky stories"--Amazon Reviewer (5 star rating)

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