Monday, October 18, 2010

Submissions are coming in!

Thanks to all who have sent their eBooks to be featured so far! Submissions are coming in and I'm currently up to 14 submissions. Keep sending them in!


I may begin posting the first books this week. I had some titles come in this week that need to be up before Halloween.

I'm still accepting links for related websites (about writing, reviewing, author publicity, etc.) If you link to Bargain eBooks, I'll return the favor and your website will appear in my Cool Related Sites list. If you link to me, just drop a comment with your URL on this (or any) post and I'll be sure to get it in as soon as I can!


  1. Hi Holly,

    I'm glad to link your blog with mine. It's all about writing, publishing, author interviews, ebooks, etc.

    Here's the url:

  2. I have also soldered the Wire of Linkiness here:

    I can't see how to submit a cheapo Ebook though. Is there an incantation, or a ritual?

    I do hope so.

  3. If you look on the Submissions tab, it'll be right there. You don't actually submit the book, but a blurb, cover art (as an attachment) and a link to where readers can buy your book. The only condition is it needs to be 5 dollars or under.

    I'll be linking to your blog.

  4. Hi, our company just launched a website for e-book online publishing and reading, I think maybe you will be interested in it. it's at

    And we would like to exchange a link with you as well if you want, the url is just above

  5. I'm linking to your blog as well- I'm a review site, "MotherLode," specializing in Indie Authors. My blog:

  6. I have your link up now too. Thanks!

  7. Hi Holly, great idea! I'd be happy to link you to my blog. I do a "Friday Finds" post that is a similar idea for books $3 or under, but I also look at the word count too. I'll be sure to add yours, it's a sweet deal :)

    I'll add you the next time I update.

  8. Thanks, Michelle! (love your avatar--I'm a cat person.) I'll go ahead and link to your site.