Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bargain eBooks #200:

A Post-apocalyptic Story of Love by Terrance Foxxe

Genre: Fantasy

Price: $0.99

Where to Get It: (Kindle)

Earth is a post-apocalyptic wasteland, Baby Sister has been kidnapped, and Pap must master the magic of his own universe, solving the riddle of another universe’s magic. Pap may be the next Keeper of the Dead, but who’s soul must he ultimately Keep? $2.99 USD Amazon and Scribd.

You can read the first three chapters HERE

In The Dreaming by Terrance Foxxe

Type: Short Story Collection

Price: $0.99

Where to Get It: (Kindle)

Terrance Foxxe’s In The Dreaming is a collection of short stories bridged together by a larger narrative, a mosaic novel unlike any other.

“I thought this novel would work out well if I could find the perfect vehicle to drive my character's interactions. Would a mental ward patient do?"

Foxxe's unique novel offers a wide variety of stories to suit any tastes. From Native American legend to urban detective. Science fiction, magic and love, alongside vampires, barbarians, presidents, elves, and (walking talking) toys. Horror with the hope. A little something for everyone.

Read the first three chapters HERE

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