Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bargain eBooks #318:

The Last Archer of Laummoren by Scott Cimarusti

Genre: Fantasy/Adventure

Price: $2.99

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The Archer Gideon, the last of a line of noble guardians, stumbles upon what he believes to be his last chance at redemption-if he agrees to forsake his quest and serve as protector to the Lady Serena Vasperan, the daughter of a determined nobleman who is the last holdout against a mysterious and merciless land baron who will stop at nothing to rule his domain with an iron fist. Torn between the ghosts from his past and the promise of a hopeful future, the Archer Gideon finds more than a renewed sense of purpose in the young noblewoman; he discovers a kindred spirit who just might prove to be the unlikely heir to a legacy that will otherwise die with him. He also learns that salvation rarely comes without a price...

What they're saying about it:

"The Last Archer Of Laummoren is a well written piece. A carefully crafted plot with plenty of action make this worth reading and recommending. A great example of the classic characters with plenty of new twists. Excited that the author left open the possibility of a sequel."--Amazon Reviewer

"Truly an entertaining read beginning to end with a love story that won't make you want to puke. Meaning it actually enhances the storyline and not drag it down. Tremendous back story to how he became the last archer. A VERY easy read with tremendous detail by the author but not overbearing. Scenes...moods...and anticipation are truly felt throughout the entire book. Really enjoyable!"--Amazon Reviewer

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