Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bargain eBooks #364:

How to Live Forever (a Very Fictional Guide) by Barry Burnett, MD

Genre: Fiction, Humorous

Price: Free to 99 cents depending on vendor

Where to Get It:

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...Being the entirely imaginary adventures of young David Black, Family Physician, as he sets sail between the Overbearing Cliffs of Scientific Practice and the Whirlpools of Holism, battling the forces of Unintended Bachelorhood, Financial Reality, and Crass Commercialism in his search for Love, Wisdom, and a Reasonable Approach to Semi-Optimal Health.

How to Live Forever is both comic novel and incidental health guide, an entertainment that outlines a middle path to wellness and longevity. Visit the exotic New-Age mecca of Boulder, Colorado, and meet, among others:

David, hapless idealist and reluctant hero,
Junie Blanche, Ph.D. candidate and New Orleans immigrant,
Oz Garcia, entrepreneur and Master of Bad Habits,
Shriana, organic beauty and trophy wife aspirant,
Don Gilmore, hypochondriac and hemp magnate,
Cyrus P. Flint, slowly expiring longevity scientist,
Miss Paula and Dr. Biggs, fearsomely muscular HGH hawkers,
Beatriz Hanacanahuolipalipalulu, Kava Kava smuggler,
...and, of course, the happy but complicated staff of the Forever Clinic:

Dr. Quinn Quinn, former health guru and cross-dressing fugitive,
Nancy Ouvenstrasser, lonely masseuse and closet intellectual,
Adeline and Thomas Thinna, starving diet & fitness pros,
and Howie Krishna, Yogitation instructor and actual Real Thing.

What they're saying about it:

"I liked this book. It was a worthy read, kept me moving to the next page. Witty as well as laugh out loud funny.

It is not instructional or boring as the title may imply. Has enjoyable characters, flowed and engaged.

Hey, Wanted to acknowledge this book - suprised me and I enjoyed it.

I've never been to Boulder, CO, where this book is set, but recognize a lot of the attitudes and personalities from my city, Berkeley. This is a funny portrayal of the health-obsessed and self-obsessed.

This story was a real surprise. Although much of the humor was keyed off local (Boulder Colorado) idiosyncrasies, the author took care to make it accessible to readers not familiar with the area. There was enough suspense in this satire to keep me in my chair for the whole read. Though often playful, it was edgy and sometimes serious concerning the subject of our desire for impervious health… there is much good sound medical advise woven throughout the story. In addition to the ambitious plot, the author also managed to make the characters interesting and engaging. Lots of fun!"--Amazon Reviewer

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