Sunday, November 20, 2011

Check out the Brand New Submissions Page!

Thanks to the hundreds of you who have submitted eBooks to Bargain eBooks so far! I am well over 400 submissions, and am happy to say that 95% of you have been great about following the guidelines!

To make future submissions easier for both authors and myself, I have just finished a new Submissions page (see the Submissions tab at the top of the page.) Check out the new Submissions guidelines below:

Directions--read and follow if you want your eBook to be featured!

To submit an eBook to Bargain eBooks, copy the form below, fill it out, and paste it into the email you're sending me. Be sure to attach a book cover file (.jpeg or .png preferred!) for each eBook you submit. I accept anywhere from 1-5 books at a time from each author, so be sure to fill out a form for each book you submit. Email to hollyannehook84 (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Bargain eBooks Submission Form

(don't forget to attach your cover art to your email!)

email to: hollyannehook84 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Book Title:


Type: (novel, novella, anthology, short story, poetry collection, etc.)


Price: (must be under 5 dollars to be featured!)

Where to Get It:

(paste purchase links here. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Sony, Smashwords, Omnilit, etc.)

Blurb: (your eBook's product description)

What they're saying about it: (paste 1-3 short reviews or review snippets here. This is optional.)

**end of form**

Things That Make Me Tear My Hair Out: (please avoid these!)

1. Sending more than 5 eBook submissions at a time. Once, I had someone send me eight (yes, EIGHT) eBooks for feature at once.

2. "I'd like to send you my book, The Best Novel Ever. You can find it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble." And that's the entire email. No genre. No price. No cover art. No purchase links. This means I have to go search the Internet for your submission material, which I do not have time to do. I will skip posting submissions without purchase links, even if you have recieved a post number from me.

3. Sending me your book info or press release in a PDF file. I cannot cut and paste information or images from a PDF file, and I don't have time to type it all out by hand. If you have already done this before today, I forgive you and will still post your books, because I did not have this rule before. But from now on, submissions in which all of your eBook information is inside a PDF file will be skipped.

4. Asking me to review your book. I'd love to read all the books I post, but again, I don't have time. However, this only makes me rip my hair out a little, and I will still post your book.

***Some other things to remember***

--If you submit more than 3 books at a time, your post will be split into two and will appear on two different days. 5 is the max number you may submit at a time.

--Books will not post on major holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving, as it's not likely many people will be online buying books. (Though sales do spike around Christmas for some, most people aren't looking at blogs. They're on Amazon with their new eReaders.)

--When you get my response with your post number, just remember that the post number isn't exact. It's only an estimate. However, if, say, 10 posts have gone past your estimated post number and your book hasn't come up yet, feel free to message me to point out my mistake, and I'll get it fixed (provided you didn't do something to make me rip my hair out. See above.)

--Please help get the word out about Bargain eBooks. Feel free to add a link to me to your blog, and if you want me to link to yours, feel free to drop me a comment on any home page post. I'll find it.

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