Monday, December 13, 2010

Bargain eBooks #54: Land of a Thousand Dances by Evelyn Applegate

Land of a Thousand Dances by Evelyn Applegate

Genre: Paranormal, Erotic, Romance

Type: Short Story (approx 6000-7000 words)

Price: $1.99 (though discounted on Amazon)

Where to Get It: (for Kindle)
Publisher Website

Shy librarian Robbie has no time for romance and even less time for
her pushy flatmate Adam who constantly tries to get into her pants.
Everything changes when she meets Finna, a mysterious young woman with
a dark secret. The two women strike up a conversation. What starts out
as a night of girly chat and bad movies turns into something more
intimate, dangerous and far stranger than Robbie could have imagined.

You can read a free sample of Land of a Thousand Dances HERE!

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