Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bargain eBooks #66: Other Sides

Other Sides

Genre: Speculative Fiction

Type: Anthology (from Ergofiction Magazine)

Authors: Zoe E. Whitten, G.L. Drummond, MeiLin Miranda, MCM, Lyn Thorne-Alder & Chris Childs, Isa K., M. Jones, Erica Bercegeay & Charissa Cotrill, T.L. Whiteman, M.C.A. Hogarth, Nancy Brauer, and A.M. Harte, with an introduction by Jan Oda.

Price: Free and/or $0.99 from some venues

Where to Get It:


The advent of digital publishing has seen the rise of a new breed of writers: independent, experimental and unfettered by convention. This brand new anthology features a small sampling of these very writers, in a speculative fiction collection that will capture the imagination and dazzle the senses. The storytelling genius in this collection is most evidenced by its memorable characters: a young woman haunted by her ex-boyfriend’s sweater, time travelers with a suspicious interest in babies, a gender-changing alien desperate to heal a loved one… In these stories, fourteen independent authors display the imagination, insight and wonderful originality that characterizes the unique world of online fiction.

What they're saying about it:

““Webfiction is, hands down, fantastic. [...] Other Sides is an extremely engrossing read . . . the authors chosen for this anthology are some of the best out there.”
— Jessica Torres on A Fanatic’s Book Blog

“Incredibly sophisticated and entertaining . . . professional and engaging and the voices are very polished . . . The stories were more than just good reads, in fact, I found them impressive, fascinating and enchanting.”
— Frances Pauli on Speculative Fiction

“I found a lot to enjoy in this sampler . . . an interesting read to expose you to what sorts of stories you can find on the web.”
— Lyda Morehouse on Day in the Life of an Idiot

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