Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bargain eBooks #419:

The Essene Conspiracy by S. Eric Wachtel

Genre: Thriller/Suspense

Price: $3.99

Where to Get It:

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A high ranking Israeli minister has been murdered in Jerusalem. Muslim terrorists are suspected, but no group has claimed responsibility. Finding a barely legible name scribbled on a blood-stained card in the shirt pocket of the slain minister, the Director of Israeli Intelligence calls upon international security consultant Harry McClure to investigate a possible American connection to the brutal crime.

McClure soon uncovers a Wall Street money-laundering scheme linked to a secret brotherhood's plot to reclaim Jerusalem's Temple Mount.

The clock is ticking as Israeli Intelligence, aided by McClure, race to organize a preemptive eleventh-hour strategy aimed at thwarting the brotherhood's imminent attack. A timely blend of historical fact and fiction, the Essene Conspiracy builds to an unpredictable ending.

What they're saying about it:

"I don't typically read thrillers, but I picked this up at the suggestion of a friend and couldn't stop reading it. Aside from being a compelling and amazing story, it is very well-researched and the history was fascinating to me as someone who is interested in but not very knowledgeable about the Middle East. Whether you are interested in the nexus of religion and history or just love fast-paced thrillers that involve politics and corruption, I highly recommend this book."--Amazon Reviewer

"Great plot, memorable characters, a historical thriller which is intellectually stimulating and should be a must read for all thriller book clubs. Can't wait for the next Harry McClure novel. He's got charisma and charm. This should become a movie!"--Amazon Reviewer

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