Friday, December 16, 2011

Bargain eBooks #406:

The Princess Sisters by Stacy Lynn Carroll

Genre: Young Adult

Price: $3.96

Where to Get It:

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What happens when you mix five modern teenagers with five fairytale princesses? Belle, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, and Snow White Princess are cousins (and best friends) stuck with names they're not too fond of...and now together they must face the challenge of getting ready for high school--a world where fitting in is definitely a must. But how will they ever fit in when they're destined to stand out? Or, perhaps more importantly, how will their friendship ever survive when the five Princesses all set their minds on one Prince?

What they're saying about it:

"There are also several fun fairytale "ideas" throughout, such as kissing toads!!! This novel is a real charmer and worth a read for the young and the young at heart!! Well done new author Stacy Lynn Carroll!"--Sherry Gammon, author "Unlovable"

"This is a truly enchanting tale, well written and with great imagination. It is a coming-of-age book full of real life situations. It is an easy read, the characters are well defined and they could be any of our kids. The many real life experiences the characters live are so aligned with reality that you may think this is a biography instead of a fictional novel. It teaches many needed life skills for young men and women alike."--Anna del C. Dye, author

"When I first started reading this book, I wasn’t sure if I would like it. It really isn’t the genre that I read. I was really surprised. The book is delightful. It was refreshing and I enjoyed the interplay with each of the girls."--Mary Walling

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