Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bargain eBooks #260:

Johnny Wylde by Marcus Wynne

Genre: Thriller, Mystery & Crime

Price: $2.99

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What happens when you mix a psychotic South African gun dealer, some sadomasochistic arms-dealing Russians, a bar bouncer who made his bones in Afghanistan, a Buddhist stripper, a man-killing woman detective, assorted highly skilled dark side shooters, and the sunniest down-home female assassin on the market?

Things get WYLDE.

Lyrical sex. Poetic violence. And poetry.

For adults only. Rated R for graphic sex, violence, language and mordant humor.


What they're saying about it:

"It was written that `the Warrior's is a twofold Way of pen and sword, and that he should have a taste for both Ways'. Marcus gives us a taste of the Warrior's Way through this book."

"Another excellent book by Marcus Wynne a must read and if you haven't as yet read any of his other books you need to check them out, looking forward to many more."

With a Vengeance by Marcus Wynne

Genre: Thriller, War/Terrorism

Price: $0.99

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Marcus Wynne is back…WITH A VENGEANCE. The best-selling author of NO OTHER OPTION, WARRIOR IN THE SHADOWS, and BROTHERS IN ARMS returns with his first novel in six years. Hunter James, a Federal Air Marshal scarred by his close quarters battle preventing the first domestic hijacking since 9/11, takes us on the ultimate insider's journey through the world of aviation security and counter-terrorism. This is the book the Transportation Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security don't want you to read...and you may never want to fly again after reading WITH A VENGEANCE.

What they're saying about it:

"For readers of military/LE fiction this book will be a welcome addition to their libraries. Marcus Wynne's description of CQB/CQC is a chew your lips off adrenaline rush. The weapons, technique and mindset descriptions put Brad Thor and Vince Flynn to shame. Mr. Wynne's obvious familiarity with violence lends his writing a level of authenticity unmatched by others and will satisfy the adrenaline junkie in you. Warning, the fight scenes are not for the faint of heart."--Amazon Reviewer

"In my opinion, Marcus Wynne is the finest author of this genre to date. I became a die hard fan after his first three novels and anxiously awaited "With A Vengeance." The wait was well worth it. Marcus puts you into his novels like no other can. The reader will receive a rare glimpse into the minds of both good and evil, and be enthralled throughout. The fight scenes in this book are the most realistic and graphic that I have read to date. The equipment and the artisans who make it that are represented in the book are the real deal. They are some of the most sought after in the real world by those in the know. Marcus Wynne is a been there, done that warrior from the old school that simple "gets it." I cannot recommend this book highly enough."--Amazon Reviewer

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