Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bargain eBooks #462:

No Good Deed by Hunter F. Goss

Type: Short Story

Genre: Action/Adventure

Price: $0.99

Where to Get It:

Amazon (Kindle)

No Good Deed is an edgy short story set in Brighton that evokes the spirit of the original Mods and Rockers.

In No Good Deed, perennial bad boy Phil Timmins gets a chance to visit his favourite era for 48 hours: the heyday of the Mods and Rockers. And when he meets a young woman who’s channeling Caraby Street, it seems like he’s stepped into his fondest dream. But when trouble comes knocking, Phil is forced to do something he rarely does. A good deed. And he pays the price.

What they're saying about it:

"A bad dude, a vintage motorcycle and the vibe of the 1960's Mods and Rockers in swinging England, combine in this fast-paced short story from the author of Night Market. A fun read!"--Amazon Reviewer

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