Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bargain eBooks #116:

The Goblin Brothers Adventures Vol. 1 by Lindsay Buroker

Genre: Childrens

Price: $0.99

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They're short, they're scrawny, they're green, and they want to be heroes. The problem? Goblins are supposed fish, forage, and stay out of the world's way, not challenge odious villains.

But Malagach and Gortok aren't going to let a few rules keep them from their dreams.

Armed with their wits, their stolen (er, borrowed) books, and their scavenged tools, they're ready to eradicate the evils around their mountain home. Or get in a lot of trouble trying....

What they're saying about it:

"The Goblin Brothers is a great collection of stories that will grab the attention of kids with their ways of always finding adventures, wanting to become heros, and trying to fit in. As a mother of 2 teenagers (who has read way too many books and stories) this book has kept me entertained too with the fun humor and creative tactics that each story brings. I am pulled into wanting to read the next story just to find out what they can concoct up! I felt it was easy to read,good humor, some cute suspense, and lots of fun surprises.

The author has done an awesome job with making the brothers personalities compliment each other with their differences. My favorite story was "The Goblin Brothers and the Slave Trader's Offer". The ending just made me chuckle! Loved it! (I wish I could tell you what I loved about it, but it might just give it away!)

On the cover of the book it says it is Volume 1, I can't wait for the next Volumes to come out!!"--Amazon Reviewer

"You have to read these stories! I'm serious. And yes, I'm talking to you, stop looking over your shoulder like I might mean someone else. Sure, you can hide behind buying them for your own kids, nieces, nephews, or those wee ones down the street, but you should read them too.

The first time I read the stories Malagach and Gortok (the Goblin Brothers of the title) became two of my favorite characters ever. One of the reasons that I enjoy children's fiction is because it is so good-hearted, but such depth of character development is rare. Both Malagach and Gortok become fully realized characters through the stories. Better yet, author Lindsay Buroker manages to let them share the spotlight equally in a very natural way.

You can't pick a better set of children's fantasy short stories."--Amazon Reviewer

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