Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Would You Like to Win A Kindle?

Does your kid love your Kindle as much as you do and won’t leave it alone?

Is he or she borrowing it so much that you’ve sent out a search party?

Would you really, really like your kid to have their own Kindle so you can have yours back, but you don’t want to drop another hundred bucks (or more) in this lousy economy?

Look no further, because starting today, twenty independent Young Adult and Middle Grade authors will host a contest to give away a free Kindle! Not only that, but it’s a free Kindle loaded with all the top independent Young Adult and Middle Grade titles from a variety of genres. Additional entries may also be obtained by reading participating authors’ books and leaving honest customer reviews on or Goodreads.

This is an event celebrating YA and MG independent authors and the love of reading. In order to enter, participants can register at the official INDIEpendence Day website, found HERE. Or, you can click the widget on the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Additional entries can be obtained by Tweeting about the event, and ‘Liking’ the event on its FaceBook page. More info can be found at the main page.

Sign up here for FREE!

Read the rules HERE

The contest opens on June 1, 2011, with the winner to be announced on July 4, 2011.


Grand Prize: 1 FREE Kindle with all participating authors' ebooks loaded on to it.

First Place: 1 FREE copy of each eBook

Second Place: 10 FREE (participating( eBooks of their choice

Third place: 5 FREE (participating) eBooks of their choice

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