Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bargain eBooks #27: Last Exit in New Jersey by C.E. Grundler

Last Exit in New Jersey by C.E. Grundler

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Price: $0.99

Where to Get It: (for Kindle) (all other eBook formats)

Nice young ladies from the Garden State really shouldn’t be dumping bodies at sea. Then again, 20 year-old Hazel Moran is anything but your typical Jersey girl. Raised aboard a schooner and riding shotgun beside her father in their old tractor-trailer truck, there's little on the road or water that she can't handle; it's her people skills that need work. Normally that isn’t an issue – behind the wheel of a Kenworth most people tend to leave her alone. But when Hazel and her father become the targets of some unsavory characters hunting for her blue-haired cousin, their stolen tractor-trailer truck and a delivery that never arrived, she knows it's time to heed a lesson learned from her favorite hardboiled paperbacks: playing nice will only end in tears.

For ten sweltering days Hazel navigates the Garden State 's highways and shorelines, contending with a suspiciously wealthy stranger, white trash, Born Agains, appliance salesmen, an unstable stalker and his curiously troublesome companion. It'll take all her ingenuity, not to mention some fishing tackle and high voltage, if Hazel hopes to protect her family and unravel this tangle of greed and betrayal. And anyone who gets too close, no matter their intent, will discover just how dangerous shy little Hazel truly can be as she sets in motion a twisted plan to uncover the truth, settle some scores, and if possible not wind up dead in the process.

Somewhat hard-boiled, slightly noir, Last Exit in New Jersey is an offbeat tale that travels from a Delaware Bay ghost-town to metropolitan north Jersey, where boats and big rigs set the scene for danger, suspense, dark humor and an unlikely bit of romance.

What they're saying about it:

"Blown Away - All I can say is wow! I am very impressed. Not only with the story but also the way it was written. This kept my interest til the end with a big twist. I had an idea that a few twists and turns were coming, but I was not expecting the end. Highly Recommended!"--Amazon Reviewer

"A Great Read! - If you want something with a great plot and many twists you won't be disappointed."--Amazon Reviewer

"Catchy title, entertaining book - I was hooked from page one - a body is being dumped into the Atlantic - and the tension keeps rising from there. …whenever I started to think I had a handle on who to trust or not trust and why, there would be a twist that left me reevaluating everything I thought I knew. It keeps you guessing right up to the last pages as one mystery comes together and you realize beneath that there was something deeper going on all along."--Amazon Reviewer

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