Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bargain eBooks #31: A Gift From Above by H.C. Paye

A Gift From Above by H.C. Paye

Genre: Young Adult, Childrens'

Price: $0.99

Where to Get It:

You know that spoiled brats you see in the store? Celia Meyers is one of them. But everything is about to change.
What they're saying about it:
"Celia Meyers - who is perhaps the smartest person she has ever met, is convinced that everyone in her family is out to get her. And, she is also completely invisible to them. That absurdity is all the more fun to us, because she never seems to catch on. All of her terrible troubles began, when her brother Aden was born.

This feels like a peek into Ms. Paye's childhood diaries; these words are at least the daily ramblings of Celia's troubled life, exactly the things Celia would write down. They are a scream to read, because Celia begins talking to us when she is eight. She is matter-of-fact, and very polite, and we roll with tears in our eyes.

We have been there. Some of us can still remember it well. And we see all this in our children.

Ms. Paye has calculated as she has written, and we hardly notice, because we are having too much fun; Celia is growing up. The eight year old stopped babbling long ago. There is still the invisibility problem, and punishments that are never warranted, because her brother caused the whole mess for her. But, very subtly, we aren't following a child. It is a beautiful slight-of-hand (and text). Eight years pass, and many secrets are revealed. The least of which, Celia understands herself, very well. So did the author who wrote this precious little bit of her life."--Amazon Reviewer

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