Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bargain eBooks #299:

Belfast Girls by Gerry McCullough

Genre: Thriller, Romance, Comedy

Price: $1.99

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Sheila, ugly duckling turned supermodel, is kidnapped.

Phil is sent to prison instead of her drug dealer boyfriend.

Mary, surviving a drug overdose, has a spiritual awakening.

It is also the story of the men who matter to them –

John Branagh, former candidate for the priesthood, a modern Darcy, someone to love or hate. Will he and Sheila ever get together?

Davy Hagan, drug dealer, ‘mad, bad, and dangerous to know.’ Is Phil mad to have anything to do with him?

Although these girls come from different religious backgrounds, starting off as childhood friends, they manage to hold on to that friendship in a country where religion often divides.

What they're saying about it:

"Gerry is an amazing storyteller. Her character development is skillful and has such depth that we are immediately immersed in this trio of woman. I love the fact that she opens the book with present day suspense, and then goes back to the beginning, making us turn the pages with anticipation of when the present and past will collide. The emotion we experience through their adolescence into the college years are so familiar that we can put ourselves right on that dance floor or around that bonfire. The uderlying conflict between Prostant/catholic diferences across the country make their friendship that more powerful...Wonderful descriptives paint a vivid atmosphere which makes you truly experience life in Northern Ireland. I highly recommend this not only as a must read but as a great gift...."--Patricia aka Columbia Valentine Scot

"Gerry McCullough is a great writer. She takes Belfast and brings it to everyone on a level which makes it identifiable. The characters are so well defined and the pace doesn't let up. You can't write about Northern Ireland without bringing up religion and Ms. McCullough is not shy about broaching the subject. There is no confusing Sheila, Phil, and Mary. The men in their lives hold the interest of everyone who reads this. For me, it was the personalities that was the gripping part. I remained interested in what was going to happen to the people involved. It's a character driven novel, and so well written. You certainly don't have to be Irish to enjoy this one. Well done."--Amazon Reviewer

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  1. Great review! It seems to be a great book. I'll go to check if I can find this book on all you can books because I have an account there and I don't want to pay extra for this book on Amazon...